Pictures of Acne Clients - Before & After

These are un-edited pictures of acne treatment clients who received a series of corrective treatments combined with a customized home-care program designed by Acne Specialist, Michelle Cose.

Virtual acne treatment programs are available as well. Now, you can get guided coaching from the comfort of your own home, and get results just like they did!

Did You Know That Acne Can Be Successfully Treated
Without Antibiotics, Prescription Acne Medications
or Harmful Side Effects?

combination-acne-treatment-AcneSkinExpert.comResults achieved with consistent home-care combined with office treatment every two weeks.
combination-acne-treatment-AcneSkinExpert.comSome pigmentation remains and will continue to lighten as inflammation is reduced and the skin heals.
combination-acne-treatment-AcneSkinExpert.comSignificant improvement was noticed within 6 weeks. Complete clearing takes 12 - 16 weeks for most clients, and program compliance is required.

These People Got Help For Acne - You Can Too!

The pictures above have not been altered in any way.

These people followed a simple home care routine that was designed exclusively for their skin by a licensed acne expert. Product usage was monitored and adjusted every two weeks to make sure they continued to make progress.

They also received professional acne treatment using enzyme exfoliation, mild chemical peels, removal of blackheads, and hydration to get their skin clear as quickly as possible without negative side effects.

Most people get rid of acne in six to twelve weeks when they follow this customized program.

As you can see, these are real people who struggled with acne -- they're not paid celebrities. The clients are not wearing make up, and there's been absolutely no photo editing on these pictures.

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