Acne Prone Skin Care Solutions
For Clear, Healthy Skin Without A Prescription

Searching for acne prone skin care solutions that really deliver on their promises?

You're Not Alone.

As a licensed acne specialist, I consult with people every day who have been let down by natural remedies, popular acne brands, and even dermatologist prescription medications. 

Most clients say they've "tried everything" and they feel hopeless because nothing seems to work.

If this sounds like you, I want you to know .  .  .

You Don't Have To Live With Acne.

It's Time To Drop The "Acne Free In 3 Days" Gimmicks & Doctors Who Can't Deliver Consistent Results,

And Insist On Getting The Care You Deserve

With all the acne "cures" and treatments available today, you'd think everyone would be enjoying clear skin -- but that's not the case.

Millions of people suffer with acne and they're NOT finding the help they so desperately need!

You may be one of them.

If you're frustrated with your skin, confused by all the marketing hype, or simply tired of feeling alone in your search for reliable information --

Let Me Be Your Guide To Getting The Clear, Healthy Skin You Deserve.

Together -- We Can Do This! 

Acne Prone Skin Care is My Specialty

acne skin care expert

Hi, I'm Michelle, founder of

For over 20 years,  my acne skin treatment strategies have been changing lives, and I would love to help you too!

I currently work in the beauty/spa industry as a licensed esthetician and have advanced certification in clinical skin care & acne treatment. Learn more about my qualifications.

My clients have given me a deep appreciation for how emotionally devastating acne can be, and I understand how frustrating it is trying to find the best acne treatment without expert guidance. 

My mission is to teach you how to have clear skin, so you can stop worrying about your acne & get back to enjoying your life!

When people start smiling more or standing taller with their heads held high, when teens look me in the eye with more confidence, or women tell me they feel sexier -- all because their skin is clear .   .   . 

These things make my day!

I hope you find this site informative. If so, please share it with others in need. And, let me know how I can help YOU.

Ready To Change YOUR Life?

Imagine seeing and feeling soft, clean, acne-free skin. 

Just think how amazing you'll feel waking up with a clear complexion every day. Picture your friends envious of YOUR glowing skin. Yes, it CAN happen for you!

Need some inspiration? 

Check out these before & after pictures or explore this site further for  free tools you can use to control your break outs, so acne doesn't control your life.

Start Here!

Getting clear skin is much easier when you have professional guidance, and exploring your options is the first step toward finding the right treatment.

Free Skin Care Advice

Turbo charge your acne prone skin care routine by making these simple lifestyle changes. Learn the best ways to avoid break outs, heal pimples faster, and get your skin looking clearer with free tips and advice you can implement right away. 

Whether you prefer "do it yourself" over the counter remedies, or you're looking for the best professional treatment -- you'll find straightforward, no-nonsense advice and time-tested strategies that will save you time & money on treatments that just don't work.

You'll learn everything you need to know about getting & staying clear.

Because You Have Better Things To Do
Than Worry About Your Skin!

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